Meghann/Ainsley testimonial photo

I never expected nor anticipated delivering at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo(WCHOB). The plan was always to deliver at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital (MFSH).

the early morning hours of May 18, 2015, I became really sick and went in to labor & delivery at MFSH at 33 weeks. I quickly learned how significantly ill I was with HELLP Syndrome and the risk this illness posed to my life and the life of my daughter. I was told that I needed to deliver my 33 weeker that day. The fear was indescribable. I had been down this road before, an early delivery, and the only thing I took home from the hospital was heartache.

I learned that I was going to be transferred, via ambulance, to WCHOB where I would be delivered that day. I was in denial. The doctors and nursing staff at WCHOB were so wonderful. They immediately recognized the fear in my eyes and because they knew of my medical history, they took immediate steps to help me believe that this delivery would have a happy ending.

I met with at least three specialists who advised of their role, plan of care and expectations for a positive outcome. I would be remiss if I did not mention the wonderful care that I received from my OB/GYN as well. She did not usually deliver at WCHOB but she certainly went above the call of duty by taking care of me at WCHOB and seeing me every day during my admission.

The labor & delivery nurse assigned to me treated me as if I was her daughter. She was kind and compassionate. She held my hand in the operating room and assured me that my daughter was alive and healthy once delivered. This same labor & delivery nurse stayed late to care for me after delivery and even took me down to the NICU to meet my daughter, Ainsley Grace, for the first time.

The days that followed were difficult for both Ainsley and myself. The care Ainsley received in the NICU was second to none. Even though she was in better health than the other babies in her room, the nurses were so very attentive to her and to her parents. Ainsley’s primary nurse cared for her as if she were her own.

The 22 days that Ainsley spent in the NICU at WCHOB were the hardest 22 days of our lives. I strongly believe that if it were not for the kind, compassionate and exceptionally qualified staff of WCHOB that we may have not had our happy ending. We are forever indebted to the caregivers who saved the lives of myself and my daughter. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful facility with such outstanding providers in our backyard.