Our journey started 4 years ago. I still remember our lives being flipped upside down! Our son Logan was born two days before our wedding anniversary – what a great gift. The delivery was fast and easy and we were able to be discharged home to celebrate.

The morning of our anniversary, my mother’s intuition kicked in.  Something was telling me to call the doctor, so we did and were directed to Children’s Hospital for evaluation. Once we walked in something terrible went wrong. We were rushed in the back of the emergency room and doctors, nurses and staff were all swarming around us, poking and prodding. With a screaming two-day old and me crying, the doctors told us Logan was being rushed to surgery for an unknown problem in his belly.

The RN in the emergency room was beyond awesome.  She really got the ball rolling and expedited Logan’s care knowing he was in such critical condition. By this time he was almost unable to breathe.  It’s pretty scary to see your tiny baby like this.

While Logan was in surgery, we were updated a few times by the staff. It was in the middle of the night and the surgery waiting room was empty and cold. I was lactating at the time, so the staff brought me supplies while waiting.

After surgery, Logan was transferred to the ICU to be monitored. We later found out from the amazing Dr. Bass, the surgeon on-call that night, that Logan had an Imperforate Anus – meaning an anus was never formed in vitro and went undetected at birth.  

Every single nurse, doctor and ancillary staff was beyond compassionate to us. Both the emergency room doctor and nurse came to check on Logan before the end of their shift. Dr. Bass saved our baby.  She has become very close and has gone the extra mile to help and treat Logan all these years. Logan has required many surgeries and procedures.  There is no cure, but it is manageable. Dr. Bass has always been a phone call away. Even if she is off, she is always there when we needed her. She has become our security blanket throughout the years.

The care we received and continue to receive has been 10 out of 10. Many areas in the country do not have a children’s hospital in their town or state. WNY is beyond blessed to have this great facility right in our backyard. It takes a special calling to work with children and we are glad they work here.

Grateful mom Heidi