Stone FilipovichStone’s Buddies was created in memory Stone Filipovich, a former patient. Stone Filipovich was more than just a patient but an inspiration. Not only for the creation of this foundation named after him but to our hospital staff and faculty at Oishei Children's Hospital.   Stone for most of his life was fighting a highly aggressive brain tumor Premitive Neroectodermal Tumor (PNET). He spent most of his four years in the hospital for numerous  surgeries, tests and chemotherapy treatments. In spite of all of the treatments and pain Stone underwent one thing was always constant – his smile and charismatic attitude. Stone and his parents were part of a growing number of people who made us realize that we needed to do more to help our patients and families with their feelings of fear, isolation and loss of control. Stone’s Buddies is a support program for patients and their families struggling with the emotional and social issues that accompany chronic and life-threatening illness. Whether they are battling cancer or learning to live with a life-long illness, their worlds are forever changed. Our goal is to connect them with others in similar circumstances, give comfort and friendship when they are in the hospital and serve as a bridge between the patients and those in the community who would like to help.