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Find Your Destination with Ease & Confidence

Kaleida Health is proud to offer internal wayfinding for all of our patients and visitors through our websites and the MyKaleida mobile app. You can preplan your visit to ensure that you find where you need to go before arriving, and use our mobile app to view your walking directions in the palm of your hand while in the building.

Wayfinding Features

Map marker icon with medical plus symbol View clinical destinations and amenities

Icon of walking route Turn-by-turn walking path instructions

Icon of map being rolled open Interactive Hospital Floor Maps

MyKaleida app homescreen on phone graphic

Choose a Wayfinding Option

Wayfinding Symbols

To make it easier for staff, patients and families to find their way around the new hospital, we’ve created a colorful, kid-friendly wayfinding system. Each floor has an icon associated with it, which will make getting comfortable in the new hospital as easy as possible.

Outpatient Center Wayfinding Symbols

Located next door to the Oishei Children's Hospital inside the Conventus Building at 1001 Main Street, the Oishei Children's Outpatient Center houses outpatient specialties. Each is marked by a colorful wayfinding symbol to help patients, families and staff find their way.

Duck icon
Ambulatory Surgery Waiting

(716) 323-2000

Service Information

Deer icon
The Children’s Guild Foundation Autism Spectrum Disorders Center

(716) 323-6560

Service Information

Monkey icon
Occupational/Physical Therapy

(716) 323-6510

Service Information

Deer icon
Variety Tent #7 Robert Warner, MD Rehabilitation Center

(716) 323-6410

Service Information