Dan Krajewski

“Brightest Light”

“Just do your job” is the motto that drives Dan Krajewski each and every day. As a Plant Operations Electrician at Oishei Children’s Hospital, his main responsibility is no light task - ensuring everything with a wire is working properly.  In addition to his regular duties of keeping the hospital lit and functioning, Dan was part of the transition team who helped coordinate the historic move from Bryant St. to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus earlier this month.  Dan’s commitment to his trade has earned him a place in the Children’s Class of 2017 and the title “Brightest Light.”

I’m a Buffalo guy through and through. I was born and raised in South Buffalo, and now I live in Amherst with two beautiful daughters. My journey into the electrical field started by working at my uncle’s residential electrical company out of school and then eventually joining the electrical union. I’ve been an electrician since 1997 and worked at Ferguson Electric for 11 years before taking the position at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo a year and half ago.

Because of the partnership between Kaleida Health and Ferguson Electric, I’ve done many jobs at Kaleida Health facilities. I was ready to make the transition from working out in the field to a maintenance role, so when the position popped up at Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, it felt like a natural fit.

I am responsible for anything that has to do with the electrical system at the hospital. From something as simple as fixing a plug or changing a light bulb, to maintaining the nurses call system – I am responsible for maintaining anything that has a wire on a day to day basis.

My favorite part of what I do is fixing things. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to see the end result and wants to see things working properly. When I get a work order to fix a particular problem, and I accomplish that, it gives me a sense of pride.

I love the tree lighting ceremonies. You look around and see the smiles on everyone’s faces as the trees light up. It gives you a sense of pride to be part of the team that makes that happen.

I feel a strong sense of gratitude that this building is here. It is a beacon of hope for these families that come here each day. If I can have a smile on my face to give them a sense of calm while I’m doing my job, that’s what matters to me.

I was part of the transition team that helped to plan the move from the old building to the new building, and I took part in many mock moves. It’s a huge undertaking to move equipment from the old hospital to the new hospital.

With new technologies, there are things we can do here that we aren’t able to do at the old facility. We have the opportunity to expand our infrastructure here. Plus, everything here is new and beautiful. It has been a change that I really enjoy.

Coming from a construction background, we were always taught about the importance of a strong work ethic. I would love for people to look back one day and say, “Hey, I remember Dan being part of this.” That would be the most special to me.

It is an honor. I was genuinely surprised. You look at the people who have been here for 25 and 30 years – and the blood, sweat and tears they’ve given. I hope I will spend the rest of my career here, and that is me in the future. It is definitely an honor, and I am humbled by it.