Nurse: (716) 768-7600 - Press "3" at the prompt
Program Coordinator: (716) 768-7571
Youth Link Case Manager: (716) 768-7572
Care Linkage Specialist: (716) 768-7573
Be PrEPared Community Health Specialist: (716) 364-0508

Prescription Refills
Try to take care of them during your clinic appointments.  If for some reason you are going to run out, please try to call us five days before you need your refill.  Be prepared to give us the name of the medications you need refilled.  When you call the office, please press "3" for the nurse.  You can leave a message if the nurse doesn't answer.  Please do not call for refills during the night, weekends or major holidays when the office is closed.  Most often, the refills will be completed between 24 to 48 hours after notification.

Test Results
We notify our patients of any abnormal results by phone or by mail.  If you are concerned and have not heard from us within two weeks, please feel free to call the office.

If you need us to complete a form for you/your child we will need 5-7 business days in order to complete it.  When you drop it off to us, please let us know if we can fax or mail the form.  We will need the fax number or address.  This will make it easier for you not to have to pick it up.