The Vascular Anomalies Center (VAC) at Oishei Children's Hospital, evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients - from newborns to teenagers - with vascular anomalies.

What are Vascular Anomalies?

Vascular anomalies are blood vessels that have developed abnormally, including arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels and/or capillaries. Although it's not always present at birth, vascular anomaly is a form of a “birthmark” that is comprised of abnormal blood and/or lymph vessels. Many anomalies don't show or become problematic until later in the newborn period, during childhood or in the teen years.

The most common vascular anomalies are hemangiomas, which are managed by the Department of Dermatology at Oishei Children's Hospital.

Vascular anomalies seen in the VAC include malformations of capillaries (“port wine stains”), veins, arteries, lymph channels and combinations of these. Patients with tumors, such as Kaposiform hemangioendotheliomas and Tufted Angiomas, are also referred to the VAC.  

Vascular anomalies can present in rare syndromes and malformations. The following conditions and others can be diagnosed by our team and referred for the appropriate evaluations and/or treatments:

  • Klippel-Trenaunay
  • Sturge-Weber
  • Proteus
  • Kasabach-Merritt