Caring For You From The Very Beginning

The Respiratory Care program at Oishei Children’s Hospital does not take breathing for granted. We help children with acute and chronic breathing problems by providing the most up to date, most effective treatments. We begin taking care of them when we first meet them- it might be while on a transport, by ground or air, in which we were needed to go and pick up a patient. This patient might be a premature newborn with underdeveloped lungs, an older child with breathing difficulty, or a very sick child who needs help breathing. Our Respiratory Therapists are highly trained and skilled; they have a passion for helping their patients.

Team Approach

In the hospital, Respiratory Therapists are part of virtually every team that takes care of children with breathing problems - all ages, all conditions, all stages of severity. Respiratory Therapists treat and follow patients until they no longer have breathing difficulty. If a patient has a chronic condition, we teach them and their parents how to take care of their condition throughout their stay so that they can be at their best breathing once out of the hospital. Our team developed an Asthma Action Plan to help children manage their asthma while out of the hospital.  We work with local school nurses, medical offices and the children and parents to provide a plan that works for them. We closely collaborated with the American Lung Association of Western New York to develop this plan and provide resources to train many of our caregivers.

We also take care of other chronic conditions, such as chronic lung disease, neurological diseases that affect the lungs, and cystic fibrosis. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has recognized our Cystic Fibrosis team at Oishei Children's Hospital with the 2018 Quality Care award for demonstrating sustained quality improvement work that improves patient outcomes.

The Respiratory Therapy team works very closely with pulmonary and critical care physicians and nurses throughout the hospital.  Respiratory Therapists partner with physicians and nurses at the bedside to provide the highest possible care, as 70% of all critically ill children have pulmonary complications.

Advanced Care for All Ages

We have unique challenges in taking care of breathing problems in children, such as specific equipment needs for premature babies to adolescent patients, including all sizes of masks and tubes. From oxygen therapy, heliox and nitric oxide for our sickest patients, to non-invasive ventilation, vest therapy and cough assist, we strive to provide the highest quality of respiratory care. The Respiratory Care program continues to invest in the latest, most innovative equipment and treatment options to provide Western New York children the very best in respiratory care. They deserve it - and hopefully mom and dad can breathe easier, too!

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