Respiratory Care

The Respiratory Care Department at Oishei Children's Hospital provides therapy to patients in every area of the hospital. The team also provides care to patients who need to be transported to and from Oishei Children's Hospital.

On patient floors, Respiratory Therapists administer aerosol and MDI treatments, chest physiotherapy, oxygen delivery and maintain ventilators and also has a strong role in patient education and asthma management. In emergency situations, the team responds, as part of the Rapid Response Team.

In the Emergency Department, Respiratory Therapists provide aerosol treatments, oxygen delivery and education and assist in traumas and codes. Transport is also provided to patients from the Emergency Department to other areas of the hospital, as needed.

Respiratory Therapists are involved in many aspects of patient care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and perform therapies, manage ventilators, assist in and perform intubations.

Respiratory Therapists also attend all high-risk deliveries in Labor & Delivery, stabilizing infants at birth and transporting newborns to the Neonatal Care Unit.

Several of our Respiratory Therapists are part of the specialized ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenator, which is heart/lung bypass) Team at Women & Children's Hospital. ECMO has helped many critically ill patients to overcome their illness.

The department has many varied types of equipment, including, but not limited to, numerous types of ventilators: standard, high frequency, ventilators that deliver special medical gases and Cpap machines. Medical gases such as heliox and nitric oxide can also be monitored and delivered.

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