The Division of General Pediatrics is part of UBMD Pediatrics and affiliated with the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. Our qualified and diverse staff provides well and sick care services at two sites across the city: Niagara Street Pediatrics and Towne Gardens Pediatrics. The Hospitalist Service provides care for inpatients. In addition, it provides hospital inpatient care through the hospital service, and nurse practitioner support for 14 schools in the Buffalo School System.

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Primary Care

Oishei Children's Hospital is dedicated to providing children with access to high quality primary medical care in the city of Buffalo.

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Special Needs

Primary care clinic for medical, developmental, behavioral and/or emotional disabilities with a multidisciplinary approach to care. Learn more about the Special Needs Center.

The Youth Link Program

Providing primary medical care, specialty care and case management services for adolescents who are infected with HIV or are at-risk for getting HIV.

Pediatric Hospital Service

Responsible for all hospitalized patients whose physicians are not on staff with Oishei Children's Hospital. Provides referral and consultative services as well.

Newborn Nursery

Our newborn service is for babies whose physicians are not on staff with Oishei Children's Hospital and for babies who will become patients of Niagara Street Pediatrics or Towne Gardens Pediatrics.