What is Prescriptions Plus?

Prescriptions Plus LogoKaleida Health's comprehensive discharge dispensing program. As part of the program, each hospital floor is equipped with an Engagement Fulfillment Representative (EFR), which is essentially a pharmacy liaison. These liaisons engage patients and offer the Prescriptions Plus services — reconciliation and verification of discharge medications as appropriate, affordable, and preferred for each patient, bedside delivery of medications fifteen minutes before discharge and patient education.

We not only act as outpatient pharmacies, but also include many clinical services.. This includes a dedicated discharge pharmacist and staff, medication therapy management services, discharge follow-up, and medication reconciliation services.

Patient’s medications are filtered through the discharge pharmacist who works to make interventions of many types — clinical, financial, and continuity of care. As a Kaleida Health employee, the discharge pharmacist has access to hospital providers, which is unmatched by other outpatient pharmacies. This lends itself to quicker answers, better continuity of care, and safer transitions of care. Once the medications are approved, they are filled and delivered to the patient’s bedside by the EFR.

Children’s Home Care Pharmacy provides telephonic or face-to-face, in-room, counseling to patients prior to discharge when necessary. In order to address any fragmentation of care, our pharmacies forward a communication form to the patient’s home pharmacy. This informs their home pharmacist that a mutual patient has been discharged and includes the patient’s reconciled discharge medication list; this effectively closes the care gap between the patient’s home and hospital care teams.

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