The birth of your baby is one of the most exciting and joyful times in your life. Our Childbirth Education Classes are designed with you and your family in mind. Our experienced staff will work with you to help ensure the safest and most satisfying birth experience possible. We’ll explain the facts and options available in maternity care and answer all of
your questions.

Our classes include instruction in:

*All classes include a maternity tour

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Oishei Children’s Hospital offers women the best option for delivering their baby as the only hospital in Western New York with a team of pediatric surgeons and a full panel of pediatric medical subspecialists on site, including the region’s largest, safest and most advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Baby Basics & Beyond

A review of the latest issues in infant care and development of the child as it grows. Teaching includes newborn appearance and characteristics, basic infant care including feeding, bathing, sleep patterns, safety and much more. This class helps to boost confidence and ease the transition into parenthood. Birthing Basics for the Busy Parents A capsulated version of the 3-week Prepared Childbirth Class, taught on a Saturday.

Birthing Basics for the Busy Parents

A capsulated version of the 3-week Prepared Childbirth Class, taught on a Saturday.


Learn about feeding patterns, proper positioning techniques, tips on juggling work and breastfeeding, pumping and storage of breast milk, and more.

Infant CPR/Choking

Learn techniques on how to handle a life threatening emergency involving infants. This course includes choking and respiratory/cardiac arrest instruction for new parents.

New Grandparents

This class initiates an attempt to bridge the communication between new parents and grandparents. Our goal is to acquaint grandparents with changes in maternity and pediatric practices so that they might understand changes reducing tension between the generations.

Prepared Childbirth

A three-week series covering the basic anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, comfort during pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum care, Cesarean delivery, and breathing and relaxation techniques.

Sibling Class/Sibling at Birth Class

The siblings class introduces children to the hospital setting and the exciting new role of brother or sister. For children aged 2 to 8. The Sibling at Birth class is designed to prepare older siblings for what they will see and experience when they attend the birth of their new brother or sister.

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