What to wear

For you and your child's appointment, wear comfortable clothes. For x-rays and CT scans, metal won't let the machines take pictures. The MRI machine is a powerful magnet, so all metal must be removed.

What happens during my test?

Before the test, your technologist will explain to you (and your child if he/she is old enough) what will happen during the exam.

Keeping your child still during exams

One important thing your child must understand is that he or she can't move during the procedure.

What you can do to help:

  • Speak calmly and firmly to reassure your child.
  • Praise him or her for being cooperative and helping the radiologic technologist.
  • Listen closely to the instructions the technologist gives your child. Ask how you can help.

What happens when my test is finished?

The results will not be ready as soon as your test is finished. The radiologist (doctor) reviews your test and gives a report describing all the details of the test. The report is then sent to the doctor that ordered the test, who will contact you to talk about the results.

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