Meet Casey: A Happy Teenager 

Casey was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis in early childhood and suffered from seizures for many years. Sometimes she experienced multiple seizures in a single day, preventing her from enjoying life as a teenager should. She had tried several anti-epileptic medications, which had adverse side effects and did not effectively control her seizures.

After careful evaluation, our team determined that she would be a promising candidate for epilepsy surgery. Casey spent time in our video-EEG monitoring unit to analyze where in the brain her seizures originated. Casey then underwent an initial surgery with placement of special EEG electrodes directly on the brain to further pinpoint the different seizure foci. After this extensive evaluation, Casey and her family decided to move forward with surgery to remove two different seizure foci.

The surgery was a great success! Casey has been seizure-free since her surgery. She is a successful college student and has been driving for many years.

Sean’s struggles finally overcome!

Sean is a 19-year-old man with a history of CNS inflammation (ADEM) at age 5 years. He presented with refractory complex partial seizures at age 8 years. Sean had failed 4 different anti-epileptic drugs, and was still having 1-2 debilitating seizures a week despite treatment. He underwent a comprehensive epilepsy evaluation and it was determined that although he had numerous abnormalities on brain MRI, the seizures were originating from the left hippocampus. Sean underwent successfully laser guided ablation therapy of the left hippocampus and has been seizure free since. After the ablation surgery, the anti-epileptic drugs have been significantly reduced. He is now looking forward going to college.

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