Dear patient or caretaker:

Thank you for choosing Kaleida Health for your care! If you have been scheduled for admission to the James H. Cummings Foundation Epilepsy Monitoring Center at Oishei Children's Hospital, please read through the information below to help prepare you for your visit.

preparing for visitThe Epilepsy Monitoring Center is located on the 12th floor of Oishei Children's Hospital, 818 Ellicott Street in Buffalo, NY. Upon arrival to the hospital, please stop at the security desk on the first floor to get a pass for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Our admission registrar will visit you in your room on the 12th floor to complete the process.

Any individual who stays with you needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age. If the person who may be staying with you has a medical condition that you would like us to be aware of for their safety, please communicate this with us.

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit has limited space and all admissions are arranged in advance. Please notify us if you anticipate that you will not be able to keep this appointment. If you are unable to keep your appointment please call the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at (716) 323-1250 as soon as possible. This is important because we can then schedule another patient in need who has been waiting for their essential diagnostic testing. Enclosed please find a packet that will answer your general questions about the unit and your stay.   

Please also bring any MRI CD you have had if they were not done at any Kaleida Health site.  Please bring with you any medications that you are currently taking.  This includes non-seizure medications as well. These medications need to be in their original container.

If you have any questions about this admission please call (716) 323-1250 and we will be glad to assist you.

Service Parent