Our team is dedicated to improving the lives of people with epilepsy. We have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience at some of the most advanced epilepsy centers in the country. Our team meets on a regular basis and works together to provide patients with excellence in comprehensive care.


Arie Weinstock, MD portrait

Arie L. Weinstock, MD

Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Ping Li, MD portrait

Ping Li, MD

Director, Adult Epilepsy Program
Epilepsy Fellowship Program Director

Susan L. Kerr, MD portrait

Susan L. Kerr, MD

Pediatric Epilepsy

Sarah G. Finnegan, MD, PhD portrait

Sarah G. Finnegan, MD, PhD

Pediatric Epilepsy
Child Neurology Residency Director

Portrait of Robert Glover, MD

Robert L. Glover, MD

Adult Epilepsy

Osman Farooq

Osman Farooq, MD

Pediatric Epilepsy

Epilepsy Neurosurgeons

Veetai Li, MD portrait

Veetai Li, MD

Chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Jonathan Riley, MD

Jonathan Riley, MD

Functional Neurosurgery, Kaleida Health, Adult Epilepsy Surgery



Specialized Diets

Cynthia Gillogly, RD portrait

Cynthia Gillogly, RD

Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

Research Study Coordinator

Service Parent