Workshops and Parent Education


Workshops are provided free of charge for parents and professionals.
Contact Stacie Dziwulski at or (716) 408-2592 for more information.

For Families:

Transition from Early Intervention (EI) to Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE)

  • Understanding what happens when your child moves from Early Intervention to CPSE. What to expect at meetings of the Committee on Special Education and what is your role.  Families will learn to be an active part of the process.

Transition from Preschool Special Education to School Age Special Education

  • What changes as your child turns 5?  Understanding how services are provided in school age special education and what placement options are available.

Overview of Services if your child has a Developmental Disability

  • What is a developmental disability?
  • An overview of the Office of Persons with  Developmental Disability (OPWDD) system, Medicaid Service Coordination and Medicaid Wavers (Home and Community Based Waiver/Care Home Waiver)
  • Explanation of how funding from OPWDD can meet some of the needs your child has at home and in the community.

Individual Education Program Development (IEP)

  • How to prepare for you child’s annual review.
  • Understand your role on the committee and in the development of your child’s IEP

Choosing a Child Care for your Child with Special Needs

  • Examine the different types of child care
  • Learn what to look for and what questions to ask
  • Learn about the cost of care and funding sources


For Child Care Providers and Preschool Teachers:

SOS: Getting Parents on Board When You Suspect Problems

  • Learn strategies to establish and maintain relationships with families
  • Learn how to document concerns and approach the family
  • Get ideas for meeting with families and following up once services start 

Child Care and Children with Special Needs:  Including All Children

  • Become familiar with basic terminology and legal requirements
  • Identify strategies and best practices for including children with special needs
  • Learn about the referral process and resources for assistance
  • Identify strategies for successful partnerships with service providers

Strategies for Challenging Behaviors

  • Learn strategies to prevent challenging behaviors
  • Review observation and documentation techniques
  • Identify intervention strategies to decrease challenging behaviors
  • Learn the steps in the development and implementation of behavior plans

Observation and Assessment of Children’s Progress

  • Learn about the assessment process – gathering, analyzing and using data
  • Identify strategies to gather observation data
  • Review strategies to making time for observation

Red Flags: Recognizing Developmental Delays

  • Understand typical development and learn to recognize red flags in development
  • Identify steps to take in talking with parents and accessing the referral system
  • Review strategies to develop and maintain partnerships with therapists

For All Early Childhood Professionals:

Did I Say the Right Thing? Tips to Help Support Families of Children with Disabilities

  • Awareness of the various levels of acceptance and coping strategies
  • Encouraging words for new families
  • Comments to avoid
  • Identify different supports available

Parents Perspective: Helping Families and Professionals Work Together

  • Understanding parent’s perspective regarding their child’s disabilities or delays
  • Overview of best practice strategies to improve parent involvement and communication

Inclusion Presentations

  • Various presentations presented by the WNY Inclusion Committee

Workshops are provided at a variety of locations and times.
Contact Stacie Dziwulski at or (716) 408-2592 for schedule and location.

Last updated: 04/16/2013