How do I prepare my child for an operation?

Our Child Life Department offers a tour to prepare children for surgery. Reservations are required and can be made by calling (716) 323-1520. We encourage you to bring your child on this tour so they can be more familiar with the Ambulatory Surgery Center, the Operating Room and the events that will  take place on the day of surgery.

Who can sign the consents?

In general, only biological parents, adoptive parents (if adoption is greater than 6 months), and court appointed legal guardians may give consent for surgical procedures. Legal guardians, adoptive parents (if adoption is less than 6 months), foster parents and court appointed custodians must provide a copy of their legal papers to the surgeon's office no later than seven days prior to the day of surgery. A copy of any legal documentation needs to be placed in the patient's medical record. If you are a foster parent, please contact your case worker for assistance. Please remember to bring your photo identification and any legal papers with you on the day of surgery.

Who can visit the Ambulatory Surgical Center?

Only two (2) healthy adults may accompany the patient on the day of the procedure. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted. Stricter restrictions may apply during cold and flu season.

What do I need to do to prepare for my procedure?

All surgical patients are required to have a History and Physical prior to the day of surgery.  History and Physicals are valid for 30 days.  If the patient is being followed by a specialist, such as a cardiologist or endocrinologist, please notify your surgeon's office immediately as other medical information may be required prior to surgery.

Why can’t the patient eat or drink before surgery?

General anesthesia is safest when given on an empty stomach. During anesthesia, patients may have a tendency to vomit. If any food or liquids get into the lungs, it may cause pneumonia. Following the diet guidelines is very important. Surgery is likely to be postponed or canceled if the instructions are not followed.

What if the patient gets sick before surgery?

Call the surgeon's office immediately if the patient develops a cough, cold or flu symptoms, fever, diarrhea, a skin rash, has an asthma attack, or has been diagnosed with pneumonia or croup within seven (7) days of surgery.  Notify your surgeon's office if the patient has a condition such as pink eye, head lice, bed bug bites, and/or scabies.

What to do if the patient and/or family is exposed to a contagious disease?

If the patient and/or family has been exposed to any contagious disease within 21 days of surgery, such as chicken pox, measles and/or TB, notify your surgeon immediately.

What if I have questions once we get home? 

Before you leave the hospital, you will be given discharge instructions as well as the phone number for your surgeon and the Oishei Children's Hospital emergency department, (716) 323-2100.