Anesthesia Services

Great Lakes Anesthesiology

Oishei Children's Outpatient Center
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Buffalo, NY 14203
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Anesthesia services are provided by Great Lakes Anesthesiology. Their office can be reached by calling (716) 323-6570. For questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact your insurance provider directly.

Here are some important tips to help you through this process:

  • Review these guidelines the day before surgery.
  • NO SOLID FOOD after midnight the day of surgery. Since the stomach must be empty for general anesthesia, and solid food takes a long time to digest, it is not safe to eat solid food the day of surgery.
  • The patient is only allowed to have clear liquids before surgery. There are no exceptions. Clear liquids may be given up to two hours before scheduled surgery.  Clear liquids include water, sugar water, Pedialyte®, 7-Up®, pulp-free apple juice, Gatorade®, coffee or tea (black).
  • Breast milk, formula, non-human milk, apple cider and orange juice are not clear liquids.

No Gum • No Hard Candy • No Suckers • No Mints

Gum chewing is considered the same as clear liquids. If gum is swallowed, it becomes a solid food.

All healthy patients for elective surgery qualify for the following minimal fasting guidelines. 

Clear fluid (non-pulp, non p-particle) 2 hours

Breast milk 4 hours

Non-human milk (cow’s milk) 6 hours

Infant formula 6 hours

Solid food Nothing to eat after midnight

If your baby is under three months of age, the last formula and/or milk may be given six hours before the scheduled surgery.  If breastfeeding, feeding may be given up to four hours before the scheduled surgery. Clear fluids may also be given up to two hours before the scheduled time of surgery.

Don't worry! The patient will not suffer from dehydration as a result of not eating or drinking.

If the anesthesiologist is concerned that the instructions were not followed, the patient's surgery may be rescheduled for later in the day, or rescheduled for another day. This is a safety issue, so please be understanding.

If you have any questions, or are unclear about what or when you can feed your child prior to surgery, please contact your surgeon’s office or the Anesthesia Department at (716) 323-6570.